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American Security


AmSec CF7236 American Security AmVault TL-30 High Security Safe | UL Listed TL-30 | 120 Minute Fire Rated | 34.5 Cubic Feet | Custom Color Made to Order

Safe Color: Charcoal Gray

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American Security AmVault TL-30 High Security Safes provide first-class protection from fire and theft for your back-office valuables – keys, cash, coins, jewelry, confidential documents, and other precious items. These commercial-grade safes come in a variety of sizes and have earned the coveted UL listed TL-15 label, for their ability to endure rigorous break-in attempts using tools such as sledgehammers, power saws, carbide disc cutters, and drills for 15 minutes.

AmVault TL-30 High Security Safes, a key part of the same product family, have successfully withstood the same arduous onslaught for 30 minutes, earning them an elite UL listed TL-30 classification.

All AmVault safes also carry two-hour, 350-degree Fahrenheit factory fire test certifications, and are equipped to defend your vault's precious contents against intense heat and fire.

Both AmVault TL-15 and TL-30 UL listed composite safes qualify for Mercantile & Broadform Insurance Class ER (TL-15) and F (TL- 30) with a Bank Rating of BR (TL-15) and G (TL-30). These safes have Two Hour Class 350°F manufacturers’ fire label.

      American Security offers 24 models of UL Listed AmVault High Security Safe with 120 Minute Fire Protection:


      CA Residents: See Prop 65 Warning



      • Overall thickness of 6" and is constructed with a 3" defense barrier of outer and inner steel plates creating a single structure enclosing a unique, high density fire and burglary resistant composite material
      • Defense barrier houses a proprietary amalgamation of nuggets and steel fibers to withstand concentrated attacks with the most sophisticated equipment used by burglars today
      • Heavy duty pull handle standard on all CE/CF Models


      • The AmVault formed body has a total protective thickness of 12" enclosing a high density fire resistant composite material with nuggets and steel fibers
      • A reinforced drill resistant door frame protects the door and each individual bolt chamber from severe side attacks
      • A proprietary inner barrier protects against peeling attacks
      • High strength adjustable shelves with powder coated dark gray finish

      Fire Endurance:

      • Two hour, 350°F factory fire rating. Tested at temperatures up to 1850°F

      Locking Mechanism:

      • Equipped with six or ten massive 12" diameter chrome plated solid steel locking bolts. Each bolt moves deep into the body’s protected bolt chambers
      • Entire boltwork mechanism is also protected by a spring operated boltwork detent system. Bolts stay in the retracted position when the door is opened and automatically engage when the door is closed

      Three-way Boltwork Option:

      • Safes can be equipped with a three way active boltwork mechanism engaging the bolts horizontally and vertically into the body of the safe


      • Equipped with a UL Listed Group 2M key changeable combination lock. The lock is protected by a massive drill shattering hard plate and two additional spring- loaded devices


      • Offers a vertical height adjustment and utilizes an oil impregnated bearing ensuring easy door operation



      UL Listed Group 2 Combination Lock
      • UL Listed Group 2
      • Three-wheel with 1,000,000 possible combinations
      • Front-read dial
        ESL10 Safe Lock
        • UL Listed Type 1
        • Splash-proof keypad
        • Audible and visual feedback
        • Replaces most mechanical locks
        • 15-minute penalty lockout after four incorrect entries
        • Available Colors: Chrome, Black, Black Nickel, Brass
        • Price: $235
        ESL5 Safe Lock
        • UL Listed Type 1
        • Backlit keypad
        • Audible and visual feedback
        • Replaces most mechanical locks
        • Stealth mode to silence the beeper
        • 15-minute penalty lockout after four incorrect entries
        • Available Colors: Chrome, Black, Black Nickel
        • Price: $150
        Mechanical Safe Lock with Key-Locking Spy-Proof Dial
        • UL Listed Group 2
        • Safe Lock with Key Locking Spy Proof Dial
        • Three-wheel with 1,000,000 possible combinations
        • Price: $155

        Weight & Dimensions

        Weight (lbs) 4426
        Height Width Depth
        Outside 79" 43" 32 12"
        Inside 72" 36" 23"
        Storage Space [cf] 34.5
        *Add 12" to outside depth for handle, dial and hinge projection.
        **Models 1814 cannot be equipped with an auxiliary lock, 3-way boltwork or glass relock mechanism.


        Color Charcoal Gray, Granite Textured, Satin Black Textured, Sandstone Textured, Parchment Textured
        Body Thickness 12"
        Locking Mechanism 6 or 10 massive 1 12" Diameter Chrome Plated Solid Steel Locking Bolts
        Burglar Rating UL Listed TL-30
        Fire Rating 120 Minutes up to 1850°F


        Mounting Pad for Factory Installed Auxiliary Lock
        • Serves as a mounting pad for factory installed AmSec Auxiliary Lock.
        • Required for auxiliary locks
        • Price: $130
        AmSec Safe Prepped for Auxiliary Lock Option
        • Safe Prepped for Aux Lock option - lock install in the field
        • Price: $240
        AmSec Glass Re-locker Mechanism for Auxiliary Lock
        • High security re-locking device
        • Required to be equipped with an auxiliary lock
        • Price: $195
        AmSec 3-Way Active Boltwork for TL-15 & TL-30 Safe
        • Heavy duty 3-way active bolt work that prevents any form of prying
        • Price: $450
        Auxiliary Key Lock - Sargent & Greenleaf 6870 High Security Key Lock
        • Opposing lever design
        • Advanced pick resistance
        • Double-bitted lock with opposing brass levers
        • Key-retaining design
        • Key-changeable without disassembling the lock
        • Keys available in 4 different lengths
        • Price: $440
        *All safes utilizing the glass relocking mechanism must be equipped with an auxiliary lock
        **Mounting pad is required for Auxiliary locks


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