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Barska AX13108 Depository Safe | Biometric Keypad | 0.72 Cubic Feet Locker


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    Depository safes or drop safes are important tools in safeguarding cash from thieves and/or employees. Instead of leaving large bills and extra cash inside the register, simply drop the items of value into the access portal in the safe where it stays safely out of reach. This makes dropping items into the safe simple for businesses that need to protect their deposits before they need to go to the bank. Depository safes are mainly used for short-term storage of cash. Ideal for hotels, gas stations, motels, restaurants, or any retail business that deals with large volumes of cash on a daily basis. To prevent someone from fishing out money or depositing bags with a tool or a coat hanger the large and standard models feature anti-fishing baffles and jagged edge teeth on the door drop slot which prevents items from being fished back out. The compact model features an easy-access deposit slot that makes it easy to slide items into the safe. In the situation that years have passed and the batteries need to be replaced or have forgotten the numeric key codes, backup keys are included with Barska safes.

    Choosing The Right Depository Safe

    When selecting a depository safe, it is important to choose a safe that will best fit your needs. Different businesses will require different specifications for a depository safe, so it is essential to review the different kinds of depository safes in order to select the correct product. The following questions have been designed to help you find the right depository safe for your office's needs.

    What will be the primary contents stored in the depository safe?If cash or other valuable assets are being deposited, then a depository safe with thicker walls and solid steel locking bolts such as the DX Series would be recommended. The multi-purpose drop box would be ideal for incoming and outgoing mail or interoffice deliveries.

    How much will be stored in the depository safe?Interior volume is a big factor to consider when selecting a deposit safe. If your office or business deals with large volumes of important documents, mail, or cash, then one of the larger depository safe models would better fit your needs. Barska also offers smaller depository safe models for businesses that handle lower volumes of cash, mail, or other assets.

    Barska offers an extensive line of premium Depository Drop Safes that have been designed to provide protection to important documents at home or in the office. These professional-grade depository safes are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from smaller multi-purpose drop boxes to larger keypad safes, such as the DX-200 (AX12558) and the larger DX-300 (AX12590).  Each Barska Deposit Safe is constructed using high-quality steel and features either a digital or traditional key lock in order to provide maximum protection to the contents inside.

    Barska offers 11 models of Depository Safe:

    The AX13108 Standard Biometric Keypad Depository Safe by Barska is the ideal storage option for companies and people who require a secure location to transiently keep cash deposits or critical documents. Standard-sized deposit bags or folders can fit through the deposit door, which also has anti-fishing baffles to make it impossible for someone not authorized to access the contents to do so. A biometric fingerprint scanner, a digital keypad, or conventional keys can all be used to open the Barska Biometric Standard Depository Safe and gain access to its contents. It also includes pre-drilled mounting holes and mounting hardware, allowing businesses or individuals to securely mount their safe to a solid surface to prevent tampering or theft. Two solid-steel locking deadbolts ensure that the valuables stored inside remain secure until an authorized individual arrives to retrieve them.


    CA Residents: See Prop 65 Warning


    • Stores Up to 120 FIngerprints
    • Retains 1 PIN Code
    • Anti-Fishing Baffles on Deposit Door
    • Two Solid-Steel Locking Bolts
    • Solid-Steel Body Construction
    • Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes
    • Operates on 4-AA Batteries (Included)
    • Includes Protective Floor Mat, Emergency Back-Up Keys, and Mounting Hardware



    Barska Biometric Keypad Lock

    • The quick-access biometric scanner allows the authorized user to quickly access a firearm in seconds
    • Stores up to 120 Fingerprints
    • Having a PIN code as an alternative access method provides more flexible options for opening the safe if the user prefers a traditional PIN code over a fingerprint scan
    • Retain one user-created PIN code.
    • Also includes two backup keys that can be used to open the safe using a lock located above the biometric scanner in the module.
    • Operates on 4-AA batteries (Included)

      Weight & Dimensions

      Weight [lbs] 41.75
      Height Width Depth
      Outside 16" 13.75" 13.75"
      Inside 8" 13.5" 11.5"
      Storage Space [cf] 0.72

      Note: Cubic feet are calculated from the internal dimension. Space of drop slot excluded.


      Locking System 2 Deadbolt lock
      Locking Mechanism
      Mountable Yes
      Body Steel
      Access Method Front
      Color Black



      Mounting Hardware Set
      2 Backup Keys
      4 AA Batteries
      Protective Floor Mat


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