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TruckVault 1 Drawer Base Line for Ford Expedition MAX | Combination Lock | Heat Resistant

Drawer Height: Standard
Drawer Face: Black Composite

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**All TruckVault products are custom made**

The TruckVault 1 Drawer Baseline for SUV is the perfect design for anyone looking for a high-security storage system for their SUV that maximizes storage space in a single drawer, mounted to the floor. Equipped with our Strike-Guard and Simplex Combination lock for industry-leading security.

The TruckVault 1 Drawer Base Line comes in three different drawer heights: Standard, Utility, and Magnum.

The Standard drawer height is the most common option and is suitable for most SUVs. It provides ample storage space for your gear and is easy to access.

The Utility drawer height is slightly taller than the Standard option, providing even more storage space for your gear. This option is ideal for those who need to store larger items or have more gear to store.

The Magnum drawer height is the tallest option and offers the most storage space. It is perfect for those who need to store large equipment or multiple items. This option is ideal for contractors, hunters, or anyone who needs to store a lot of gear.

Every TruckVault is customizable to fit your specific needs and are built to withstand the rough conditions of the road. Each option has a locking mechanism to keep your items safe and secure while you're on the road.

TruckVault offers 19 models of 1 Drawer Base Line Truck Vault for SUV:

CA Residents: See Prop 65 Warning


  • Three different drawer heights to choose from: Standard drawer height with 6” interior height, Utility height: 8”, and Magnum height: 10”
  • Vehicle specific installation utilizing factory points where possible
  • Sized specifically for the vehicle to maximize storage space
  • Strike-Guard system with high-security Simplex combination lock
  • Made with MDO which is strong, heat resistant, and highly customizable


Kaba Simplex Combo with Key Override
  • Push button combination lock
  • With override key lock
Keyless Entry Fob
  • Electronic remote fob
  • Price: $285

Weight & Dimensions

Approx. Weight (lbs) 100-200
Approx. Width 65"
Approx. Length 38"
Drawer Depth - Standard 18"
Drawer Depth - Utility 18"
Drawer Depth - Magnum 10 18"
Drawer Count 1


Drawer Faces Black, Zebrawood, Walnut, Teak, & Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades
Interior Carpet Colors Black, Grey, Cinder, Beige, & Bedrug
Body Made of MDO (Medium Density Overlay Panel)
Locking Mechanism Combination Lock with Override Key


Additional Short Dividers
  • In-drawer short divider
  • Convenient organizer for your gears and equipment
  • Price: $45
Additional Long Dividers
  • In-drawer long divider
  • Convenient organizer for your gears and equipment
  • Price: $65
TruckVault Technology Platform
  • Powered by internally installed power inverter
  • Provides optional 12V, 110V and 5V USB to the interior and exterior of the drawer system
  • Price: $375-$950
In-Drawer Lighting
  • Provides 16–20 hours (battery dependent) of white or red light to help illuminate the interior of your drawers
  • Mount to the interior carpet of your drawer unit using the provided 3M Velcro strips or use the mounting bracket and corresponding screws for a more permanent fixture
  • Price: $35
Table Extension
  • Heavy Duty Table Extension – Slides support up to 200 lbs.
  • Adds 4” of total height to your drawer
  • Low Profile Table Extension – Accommodates up to 50 lbs and fully removable.
  • Adds 2” to the overall height of your drawer
  • Price: $760
Magnetic Map Board
  • Magnetic Whiteboard
  • Installed towards the top of drawers to preserve storage underneath
  • Price: $265
Drawer Foam
  • Sturdy drawer foam inlay
  • Protects and keeps your gear in place during travel
  • Price: $245

Weather Proof Armor Coat

  • Weather proof coating sprayed on your TruckVault top and sides to enhance its protection from fire and moisture
  • Price: $595
Steel Shroud
  • Durable metal housing that the drawer system rests inside, and cover the entire surface with exterior carpet or spray on Armor Coat Liner.
  • Price: $760
  • Exceeds ATF all standards for temporary supervised storage of explosives & detonators
  • Available in standard size: 5’H
  • Price: $399

Tie Down Rails

  • Tie down rail cargo restraint system
  • With vertical pull strength of up to 7,000 lbs
  • Reduces damage and loss of equipment
  • Price: $415
  • Safely locks your gun in your TruckVault
  • Mechanical lock for AR
  • Mechanical and Electro Mechanical lock for Handgun & Shotgun
  • Price: $189




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